Keep Kansas Courts Impartial was formed out of recognition that fair courts need to be protected. We know that an independent court creates an even playing field for all, and a guarantee that the constitutional rights of all Kansans will be protected. 

Kansas courts continue to face a challenging and complicated landscape. Many Kansans need education on the role courts are designed to play in a democracy. Some are confused about how the state court system relates to other judicial systems. Meanwhile, well-financed, politically motivated attacks spread inaccurate information and advocate instability.

Keep Kansas Courts Impartial is countering these attacks and teaching Kansans about how our Justices do their jobs, and about how they are accountable to the people of Kansas, not politicians or special interest groups. We are proud of our fair and impartial courts and the judicial selection and retention processes that maintain them.

Help us keep Kansas courts impartial and fair. Let your voice be heard on November 8, 2022.

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